Dan Paolantonio of Imperfect Cinema is inviting bands to submit DIY video contributions to his proposed documentary of on the Bullshit Detector releases.

Calling all Bullshit Detectees! Wanted for this documentary project, your thoughts, memories, observations & reflections! As part of the project, & in the spirit of Bullshit Detector we would like those involved with the BSD compilations to record & upload their own video footage to contribute to the project! Doesn’t matter if you use a webcam, mobile phone or an HD camera, just record your thoughts & follow the link for a hands-on guide on how to convert & upload your footage! Hopefully this will make the project more far-reaching & representative (& also actually really helps me to produce it as I am self-funding it!!)

Dan has provided a how-to guide to uploading video contributions to the Vimeo streaming video service.

More details can be found on the documentary’s Facebook page.