Bullshit Detector (unmastered short-form assembly edit) from Imperfect Cinema on Vimeo.

By Dan Paolantonio & Allister Gall: Unmastered rough-cut short form version of the Bullshit Detector! feature documentary.

Bullshit Detector – A collaborative documentary which examines the cultural significance and legacy of the legendary Crass Records compilation album releases (1980-1984) and which explores synergies between these and the Imperfect Cinema project.

The directors of the Bullshit Detector documentary have released their first ‘short-form assembly’ of the film, in the hope of demonstrating the worth of the project and encouraging others who featured on the compilation trilogy to share their recollections and thoughts on what it mean to be part of these albums’ soundtrack.

To encourage that participation, the filmmakers have:

set up our own Vimeo account (this one) which will allow anyone to simply upload video footage for the project to a centralised online location so that this can be incorporated into the documentary. We are hoping that people who contributed to the original Bullshit Detector compilations and those with an interest in these will record their own video footage for the project (recollections, observations, reflections, etc) and then upload these to our Vimeo site for inclusion! As with the original BSD releases, production values are not criteria for either inclusion in or exclusion from this project; in fact is doesn’t matter if you shoot footage on a webcam, mobile phone, or an HD camera, it is the content that is all-important! So pick up a camera, or turn on your webcam, shoot and say whatever you want and make your contribution to this unique project!

For a hands-on guide on how to convert and upload video footage to our Vimeo site please visit our website at the following URL:


If you’d like to join our Facebook page for this project please visit the following URL:

For more info on this project or if you would like any advice or guidance on how to contribute, shoot, structure, convert or upload your footage please contact danpaolantonio@yahoo.co.uk or iamgall@yahoo.com