For those interested in the formative pre-history of Crass (and in the work of early seventies performance music artists in their own right) –

EXIT – The Mystic Trumpeter

In 1972 whilst Penny Rimbaud, Gee Vaucher and friends were asked to work together in a band called EXIT they were asked to help organise and take part in I.C.E.S (the International Carnival of Experimental Sound) at the Roundhouse in London.

This is a live recording from 1972, finally remastered in 2008.

This booklet with CD is written by Penny Rimbaud and beautifully designed by Christian Brett of Bracketpress and Gee Vaucher of Exitstencil Press.

This is a limited edition signed and stamped.

Soft back edition: 200
Size: 140mm x 140mm
Pages: 60
Published by: Exitstencil Press
ICat No: EXM02
Price: £20.00 (£23.00 including UK shipping)

Available for ordering from Exitstencil Press.