Dissidents and Dreamers: Anti-authoritarian art from the East and West
Gee Vaucher and Oscar Kasperek
Thursday 21 May – Sunday 14 June 2015
Centrala, Unit 4 Minerva Works, 158 Fazeley Street, B5 5RT Birmingham

Centrala Space presents an Exhibition of Anti Authoritarian Protest Art and Music from the East and West, including works by Gee Vaucher, Oscar Kasperek and Radosław Włodarski . Gee Vaucher’s iconic imagery made with anarcho-punk band Crass was inspirational to the ‘protest art’ of the 1980s and still resonates today. Vaucher has always seen her work as a tool for social change. From the same period but on the other side of Europe under a different political system, Oscar Kasperek’s work is equally provocative and thoughtful from his portraits of fellow prisoners to his use of stamps which leave small traces in the environment to present a dialogue with the surrounding world. In conjunction with the exhibition, Centrala café will be presenting the contemporary work of Radosław Włodarski. Included in the exhibition programme will be Punk and DIY Fanzine collections from the East and West and series of special film screenings

Punk Protest Art: a discussion
Sunday 14 June 2015
Centrala Gallery (part of the Supersonic Festival)

Artists Gee Vaucher, Oskar Kasperek and Nic Bullen discuss their experiences in punk counter-cultural production.
The discussion will be the final event of the Dissidents and Dreamers Exhibition. Free entry.

Centrala Gallery and Cafe will be open from 12:00-17:00 throughout the Supersonic Festival with our selection of homemade Polish cakes and delicacies.