Vi Subversa - some people aren't supposed to die

Penny Rimbaud of Crass has published (23 February 2016) a reflective appreciation of the life, work and character of Vi Subversa on the Team Rock web site. In it he suggests:

Vi was a poet armed with the cobblestones of love. She had a voice that sounded like sun-warmed gravel and a guitar that I was never quite sure whether she could play or not; maybe she wasn’t either. Vi was the leader of Poison Girls, a radical feminist outfit who for the most part were men, except, of course, for Vi, who had all the play-power of a dozen of ’em. Vi was the kind of person who one didn’t take lightly; she knew where she was and who she was and wasn’t about to be told otherwise.

Penny Rimbaud. 2016. ‘“There are those who aren’t supposed to die…”: Vi Subversa remembered‘. Team Rock, 23 February.