Greg Bull and Mike Dines (eds.). 2016. ‘Some of Us Scream Some of Us Shout’: Myths, Folklore and Epic Tales of the Anarcho. (Itchy Monkey Press)

Available now from Active Distribution and Situation Press.

SOUS_coverSome of Us Scream, Some of Us Shout: Myths, Folklore and Epic Tales of the Anarcho is the second in the Tales From the Punkside series. Whereas the self-titled first volume encompassed the wider punk scene, Some of Us Scream… brings together the stories, the artwork and the inspiration of the anarcho-punk scene from the 1980s to the present day.

As with Tales… stimulus has come from the everyday, from those who were ‘there’ and from those who have personal accounts to convey. Too often a ‘scene’ such as anarcho-punk becomes defined by its canon, its key players. In this case, they are often (amongst others) Crass, Conflict, Rudimentary Peni, the Subhumans and Flux of Pink Indians (of which, ironically, the editors would like to thank for the title of this book). The editors do not wish to detract from their stories but merely add to them, to document those who were inspired by the music, those who (in their own ways) further contributed to the scene.”

Mike Dines (co-editor)

“A Gurt Lush book containing lots of great flyers, interesting memories, recollections, essays and personal opinions. Every anarcho-punk should own a copy. It’s a great companion read to Not Just Bits of Paper. Lovely.”

Greg Bull (co-editor)

Table of Contents

  • ‘The Name is Crass, Not Clash…’, Matthew Worley
  • ‘Red leb. Black leb. Sticky black’, Greg Bull
  • ‘Am I an Anarchist? A Tale of Anarcho Curiosity’, Russ Bestley
  • ‘Mindful Token Tantrums/Anarcho In Action’, Darren Johns
  • ‘From Crass to Thrash to Squeakers’, Otto Sompank
  • ‘Chumbawamba – A Retrospective’, Chris Butler
  • ‘Conflict!’, Chris Butler
  • ‘Fuck War’, Paul Davies
  • ‘Antisect Live Gig Review and In Darkness… Album Reviews’, Tony Drayton
  • ‘Antisect’, Caro Wallis
  • ‘Antisect: The Buck Stops Here’, Lance Hahn
  • ‘Antisect – Postal Interview for Unknown Fanzine’, Persons Unknown
  • ‘Antisect – Another Postal Interview’, Persons Unknown
  • ‘Hex’, Darren Pike
  • ‘On Tour With Crass’, Vincent Learoyd
  • ‘Punk Was Once An Answer’, Anth Palmer
  • ‘The Snatcher (Remix)’, Marcus Blakeston
  • ‘Gifts of the Garden’, Andrew J Wood
  • ‘Always Another Door’, Gerard Evans
  • ‘To End Up on Your Table…’, Alastair ‘Gords’ Gordon
  • ‘I Changed My World’, Stephen Spencer-Fleet
  • ‘The Nouveau Hippies’, Paul Platypus
  • ‘Publish And Be Damned’, Nick Hydra
  • ‘Why Do You Think That They Are Laughing?’, Rich Cross
  • ‘Well, Sir. I Might’, Willie Rissy
  • ‘Memories’, Tim Voss
  • ‘Tumbleweeds’, Ted Curtis
  • ‘The Squatting Year’, Gail Thibert
  • ‘Poetry’, Ruth Harvey Gasson
  • ‘The Last of the Mohawks’, Tom Lainer-Read
  • ‘Protest, Resist, Live: An Interview with SLUG’, Mike Dines
  • ‘How I Learnt To Love Grindcore…’, Matt Grimes
  • ‘A Haunting’, Lucy Robinson


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Available now from Active Distribution and Situation Press.

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