The latest edition of The Wire magazine (No. 388, June 2016) includes an illustrated eight-page ‘primer’ feature on anarcho-punk, written by Louis Pattison and illustrated by Savage Pencil. The intro declares:

In the late 1970s, the righteous racket and tireless political activism of Crass helped spark the ideologies and DIY networks that became anarcho-punk. Louis Pattison traces the spread of a grassroots movement that spawned Poison Girls, Flux of Pink Indians, Conflict and legions of overlooked footsoldiers of punk. Illustration by Savage Pencil

Louis Pattison and Savage Pencil. 2016. ‘The Primer: Anarcho-Punk’, The Wire, No 388, June, pp. 30-37.

The Wire - The Primer - Anarcho-punk

The Wire - No 388 - June 2016