Still from Well Done, Now Sod Off

‘Well Done, Now Sod Off’
Starring: Chumbawamba
Director: Ben Uwin
Hyde Park Picture House, 73 Brudenell Road, Leeds LS6 1JD
18 September 2016, 15:30.
Details online (donation on the door)

We couldn’t think of a more perfect film to screening in conjunction with the Leeds Music Us exhibition than Well Done, Now Sod Off, a potted and often hilarious history of Chumbawamba (90mins, United Kingdom, 2000)

Footage and interviews from the last two decades retrace the early days of communal living and involvement in the miners’ strike of 84-85, their survival through the Thatcher years and a barrage of bad press, surfacing in the nineties wiser but unrepentant.

With an uncanny knack of upsetting people and ‘shooting themselves in the foot’ they surprised themselves and the rest of the world by selling 5 million albums in America. Tagged ‘One Hit Wonders’ they ensured they’d never be invited to another award ceremony again by dousing the Deputy Prime Minisster at the Brit Awards in 1998. This is an ongoing punk saga in an age of manufactured bands.

TICKETS: Suggested donation of £5

View the trailer for the documentary (privacy settings set on Vimeo mean it can’t be embedded and played here…)