Omega Tribe - and others - 1-in-12 Club - December 2016

Life Over Death Fest Vol.1
A Benefit All-Day Festival celebrating Anti-Fascist Resistance
1 in 12 Club, 21-23 Albion St, Bradford, W. Yorkshire
Saturday 3 December 2016, 15:00 – Midnight
Guests £12 / Members £11

For a ‘ticket’, please make a PayPal payment of £12 per ticket to Your name will be placed on a list. That list will be on the door at the entrance to the gig. Please bring a RECEIPT of payment with you. If you do not have PayPal please contact


Just confirmed, CULTURE SHOCK will be bringing their great political ska/punk to the 1-in-12 stage in aid of this benefit. With a new LP out, Attention Span, we are really looking forward to this!

Newly reformed, OMEGA TRIBE were one of the catalyst bands of the early 80s that were truly inspirational. They released the now classic Angry Songs EP on Crass Records and the No Love Lost LP on Corpus Christi as well as It’s a Hard Life 7-inch. Great, tuneful music with protest lyrics that came from the heart and a sense of love. Amazing band.

CHROMA (Barcelona) tbc
Dark wave punk with passionate lyrics, churning, moody, dark repetitive music that drives forward with energy. Check the Cuerpos Dóciles 12-inch LP. Their ONLY UK gig.

Hailing from Sheffield, SIEVEHEAD’s sound has totally caught many people’s imaginations especially with the recent Into The Blue LP released on Evil Hoodoo and Milk Run records. Post-punk inspired songs that draw you in and inspire. Just come and see them live!

A whirlwind of punk and hardcore chaos. Exciting, challenging, and pushing the boundaries of what punk can be but with a nod to the past with influences such as ICONS OF FILTH, FLUX OF PINK INDIANS seeping through their pores.

GRIT (Dublin)
New band from Dublin. Great tuneful punk anthems with politically charged lyrics and danceable tunes to boot! Ex EASPA MEASA members who have been big supporters of MEANS TO AN END… Fest at the 1 in 12.

Really happy that the EGS are playing this gig. Harsh, brutal punk tha since having trimmed their numbers from 4-3 members has actually seen their intensity and rawness grow. Japanese HC and Antisect influences lurk but EGS have their own sound and are not to be missed!

ANDY T (W.Yorks)
Classic anarcho punk/poetry from ANDY T. Always thoughtful and political in his obervations and message Andy has supported the Club for a long time, recording a benefit 7-inch in 2012.

NATTERERS (Yorkshire)
Really exciting HC punk band with members from Goole and Leeds. Have demo out so far and are staunchly anti-fascist! Come early and see them!

Acoustic Stage Bar

There will be an acoustic event in the member’s bar.


Plus poetry & spoken word

Food will be available from the Club’s Veggie/Vegan Cafe.

All surplus money raised will be going to support Anti-Fascist Prisoners and towards supporting 0161 Festival in Manchester, the UK’s main Anti-Fascist Event

The 1 in 12 Club is a Members’ Club open to its Member and Guests. To join go to and follow visit the 1 in 12 site.