Omega Tribe - Pete Fender - March 2017

OMEGA TRIBE HAVE announced that the reformed band will be recording and releasing a new vinyl EP in this summer.

“Omega Tribe met up with Pete Fender on Saturday (25 March), at a café in Bounds Green north London,” the band explained. “We are going into the studio on 11 April to record an EP with Pete Fender producing.” The plan is to record songs for a “three or four track vinyl release”, with the possibility a CD and digital format release to follow.

Fender, who was a member of Omega Tribe, performing and recording with the group in the early 1980s, engineered and co-produced the band’s celebrated No Love Lost LP released in 1983.

“There’s no record company involved as yet, so this will be a DIY release”, the band add. “We are not ruling out help from a record label, if it’s the right deal. We have got some ideas for distribution but we’d be happy for any external help and ideas.”

The band are aiming to “have it recorded, mixed and get vinyl copies pressed up before our US tour in August.”

Further details of the release will follow soon.

UPDATE, 29 MARCH 2017: Omega Tribe say: “Unfortunately, Pete Fender has now had to retract his offer to produce Omega Tribe’s new record. Pete has his own personal reasons for changing his mind. Although this is disappointing, there are no bad feelings on either side. The band will now discuss whether to look for and use a different producer or produce the recording ourselves.”

UPDATE, 13 APRIL 2017: Omega Tribe have posted the following update to the band’s Facebook page: “A change in our line up, Sonny Flint is no longer drumming with us. Sonny did a lot to help get Omega Tribe going again and we wish him well. Rhod ‘Lefty’ Burnett has joined us on drums and we’re looking forward to playing live with him, starting in Paris this Friday.”