Chumbawamba - The One Show - September 2017 - interview

Former Chumbawamba members Boff Whalley, Jude Abbott and Dunstan Bruce appear in a film segment on the 1 September edition of BBC One’s The One Show discussing the twentieth anniversary of the release of the Tubthumping hit single. The interviews were recorded back in June.

In the UK, the episode can be streamed and downloaded from the BBC iPlayer until 1 October 2017. The Tubthumping segment begins at 23mins 40secs into the programme.

The anniversary of the release has also been covered in online magazine features including: Junkee’s The Secret Anarchist Punk History Of Chumbawamba’s Hit Song Tubthumping (10 August); AV Music’s Chumbawamba on the unlikely, anarchic legacy of Tubthumping 20 years later (11 August); and Stereogum’s Tubthumping Turns 20 (1 September).

Chumbawamba - The One Show - September 2017 - archive