Crass Belfast September 1982

AS WORK CONTINUES on the decades-in-the-making Bullshit Crass retrospective book, Exitstencil Press are looking for posters from Crass gigs that could illustrate a comprehensive list of of the live shows that the Crass played between 1977 and the band’s dissolution.

The intention is to include posters, tickets, photos and other ephemera from each and every gig in date order:

This book will be a dictionary, reference book, bible, however you want to refer to it, it will certainly be big and informative. We like to think it is nearing completion, but there are still glaring amounts of ephemera missing which we would love to include. So, we are reaching out to all you hoarders that might still have a little something carefully treasured or forgotten in some deep draw.

Mostly we are looking for old posters, tickets and photos, we have a lot of stuff, but it would be great to have each place the band played at represented in some way.

If you have anything and you could make a scan and include place and date, that would be a great contribution.

Please send scan to:

The Crasswords site includes a work-in-progress list of gigs, and an indication as to whether or not Exitstencil Press already have posters and photos on file.

There’s also an indication of which gig listings are lacking some specific information (such as an exact date).

There’s no deadline date for submissions, but if you’re able to plug any of the gaps by scanning in materials from your own personal archives, Exitstencil Press would appreciate the contribution.

Crass Poisons Annie Flux Digbeth, 22 April 1981