THE LATEST RELEASE in the second series of the All The Madmen Records Singles Club promises “folk renditions of familiar songs of hope” as Mark from The Mob and Steve Ignorant from Crass and Slice of Life collaborate on new versions of two popular numbers.

Mark Mob joins with traditional Roma and Kurdish players who have migrated to the UK, seeking a better future for their displaced families, for a version of the classic Mob song Witch Hunt.

Steve Ignorant fronts the self-proclaimed ‘Gypsy Stars’, an extended family of Romani folk players originally from Poland, now living in London, for a re-telling of Schwartzeneggar’s Slice of Life.

Principally an artwork by young London graphic artist Ollie Dove, commisioned by Mark Mob and presented as 500 unique pieces. 

Individually screen printed by hand, using eco-inks in 3 colours on heavyweight (200gsm] uncoated board.  Each piece carries the beautifully flawed character of a hand-pulled screen print and includes a 2pp Riso-print lyric insert and an 8pp Riso-print mini info-zine

Also includes the 7-inch single; itself enclosed in a two-colour on black, screen-printed inner bag

Subscription editions feature an additional ‘black foil’ print layer, glossing the main title texts.   

This release project is in partnership with Best Foot Music; the Brighton-based, non-profit collaborative hub for social inclusion and cultural diversity – supporting, promoting and documenting the music and arts of communities, families and individuals who have relocated to the UK.

After-cost proceeds from this project will support Asociata Autism Helping Hands; a day centre for autistic children in Petrosani, Romania

As this is a fund-raising effort for a more-than-worthwhile cause, Mark Mob is keen to address the issue of the pricing of the release “in anticipation of the hysterical cries from the ‘pay no more than 45p’ romantics”. He explains:

This release is far more than a 7-inch single. It is a collaboration between many disparate and talented people, who have all given their time and substantial efforts for free… for nothing, in order that we can raise some money for a worthwhile endeavour.

The sleeves and inserts are lovingly hand-printed by Ollie Love, and if you took it out of the sleeve and threw the record away, you would still have a beautiful work of art to hang on the wall.. It’s that simple. And Colin and Margherita have done a great job on the video, also for no reward…

The money raised is going to Asociatia Autism Helping Hands in Petrosania, Romania.. It is a day centre for Autistic Chidren. It is my strong belief that most “fundraisers” never raise anything by the time they cover their costs. As this record is a limited edition, we all know that in years to come, they will change hands for more than we are selling them for today, and none of that profit will go to helping anyone. I wanted to cut that out as best we could and actually raise some money for these kids.

It’s very simple… please don’t buy it if it means going without something more important. It’s available for next to nothing to download, and it’s free to watch/listen on YouTube, and if you are already a member of the singles club, it is included in your subscription.

Let’s put our money where our mouth is!

Mark Mob

Issue #6 in All The Madmen Records’ Singles Club Series 2, the record is also available for individual pre-order ahead of its release on 30 April 2021.