Corpus Mei - A Collaboration Between Penny Rimbaud and Youth

PENNY RIMBAUD REFLECTS on projects and politics past and future in a wide-ranging new interview with Psychedelic Baby Magazine.

Considering his work as part of Crass, Rimbaud offers his assessment of the band’s association with anarchism, his reflections about Wally Hope, the free festival movement, his investigation into Hope’s death, and the impetus behind the creation of Crass.

Rimbaud is just as keen to discuss his current creative endeavours, stressing the sense of continuity that connects them.

Released late last year, Corpus Mei is a musical collaboration between Rimbaud and Youth, with additional vocals provided by Eve Libertine and a quartet of other musicians. The recording combines “a series of epic, cinematic soundscapes” with “a slew of anti-capitalist weaponised poetry” provided by Rimbaud and Libertine. “It came out of our shared sense of light and our shared sense of possibility”, says Rimbaud. “It was totally uncynical.”

Rimbaud also talks about the launch of new music label Caliban Records (“in association with One Little Independent Records”) a platform for material that “might not otherwise get the hearing it deserves”, he suggests. The first release on Calbin will be Kernschmelze III – Concerto For Improvised Cello, which sees Rimbaud supply “electronic backing” to a cello score performed by Kate Shortt.

A roster of future releases – including “a radical ‘cut-up’ of Rimbaud’s seminal Acts of Love” – is already being planned.

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