Penny Rimbaud - Craig Charles show - BBC 6 - 8 April 2022

PENNY RIMBAUD FEATURES as a guest on today’s (8 April 2022) afternoon show on BBC Radio 6, hosted by Craig Charles.

As well as discussing his past and present cultural and political activities, Rimbaud is invited to use Charles’ ‘Trunk of Punk’ slot to highlight three songs first released under the auspices of Crass Records: Honey Bane’s ‘Boring Conversations’ (from the You Can Be You EP, 1979); Poison Girls ‘Promenade Immortelle’ (from All Systems Go single, 1980) and Kukl’s ‘The Homecoming (The Night)’ (from the Holidays in Europe LP, 1986).

The programme is available to stream from the BBC Sounds site until 8 May 2022.

Craig hears from Penny on what it was like during the early punk movement, and how much that time meant to him personally.

Also on the show, the Penny hijacks the Trunk of Punk as he showcases some of the reissues from the bands independent label, Crass Records.