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Penny Rimbaud’s Last Amendment presents ‘The Claus of the Beast’
Wednesday 19 December 2012 | 8.30pm | £8.00
The Vortex Jazz Club, 11 Gillett Square, London N16 8AZ

‘Ok, Jean Paul, if you don’t believe in Santa, What the hell do you believe in?’
An evening of unseasonal and possibly unreasonable words and music; a bundle of tasty shocking-fillers and deep and crisp’n’even gawgaws designed to confuse even the greatest of disbelievers.

Avant romaticist works will emanate from Penny Rimbaud/voice, Louise elliott/sax & flute, Kate Shortt/cello and Jennifer Maidman/guitars, plus post punk interpretations from Eve Libertine/voice and Chaz Webern/electronics, plus commodity culturism from Tony Barbers’ ‘The Near Future’ with a relaunch of the public-facing pop music division which has grown to be the core value of the Near Future (TM) brand. The company are confident that all the components are in place for a successful consumer experience. All that – plus other possibilities of uninvited guests.

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Penny Rimbaud’s Last Amendment present an evening of words and music based around Bracketpress’ new publication of Rimbaud’s tales of the New World (dis)Order America, and how! Tales from the New World 1973–2012

Wednesday 26th September 2012
The Vortex Jazz Club
11 Gillett Square
London N16 8AZ
8.30pm * Tickets £8

with Penny Rimbaud (voice),
Christine Tobin (voice),
Louise Elliott (sax & flute)
Kate Shortt (cello)
Liam Noble (piano)
Jennifer Maidman (bass and guitar)

plus sets from Eve Libertine (voice)
Chaz Webern (electronics)
and Christine Tobin

Mick Duffield is also advertising as providing ‘film/visuals’

Copies of Penny’s new book America, and how! – tales from the New World 1973-2012 will be available to buy at the venue, and are also available to buy from the Bracketpress site.

‘The foul breath of bohemia has never been sweeter’ (Vice Magazine)
‘Best turn a blind eye to this one’ (The Guardian)

Last Amendment - The Vortex - 26 September 2012

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