The Hippies Now Wear Black

The anarcho-punk movement in the UK, 1977-1984


Articles, presentations and papers by the author include the following (materials with clickable titles are available in full-text):

Journal articles

Book chapters and contributions

  • 2022. ‘Autonomy and the City: The short life and sudden death of London’s anarchist punk centre’, in Jim Donaghey, Caroline Kaltefleiter and Will Boisseau (eds.), ‘Smash the System!’ Punk Anarchism as a Culture of Resistance, Active Distribution. [forthcoming].
  • 2021. ‘The “Crass logo”‘, in Ivana Vojnić Vatarić, Marko Vojnić, Mike Dines and Russ Bestley (eds.), I’m not Penny Rimbaud! Who the hell is Penny Rimbaud?, Itchy Monkey Press, pp.136-139. ISBN 9781800499263.
  • 2020. ‘Stop The City ci ha mostrato un’altra possibilità: “Mobilitazione” e “movimento” nell’anarcopunk’, in Giulio D’Errico (ed), Attitudine riottosa: Anarcopunk in UK. Milan, Italy: AgenziaX, pp.43-88. ISBN 978-88-31268-20-2
  • 2017. ‘When John met Clem’, in Greg Bull and Mike Dines (eds.), And All Around Was Darkness, Itchy Monkey Press, pp.229-232. ISBN 978-1-291-74025-7
  • 2017. ‘Fifteen shades of grey’, in Greg Bull and Mike Dines (eds.), And All Around Was Darkness, Itchy Monkey Press, pp.218-227. ISBN 978-1-291-74025-7
  • 2016. ‘”Stop the City showed another possibility”: Mobilisation and Movement in Anarcho-Punk’, in Matt Worley and Mike Dines (eds.), The Aesthetic of Our Anger: Anarcho-Punk, Politics, Music – 1979-1984, Minor Compositions: Colchester / New York / Port Watson. ISBN 978-1-57027-318-6 [ Free eBook download | Print copy available to buy from Minor Compositions ]
  • 2016. ‘”Why do you think that they are laughing?”, in Greg Bull and Mike Dines (eds.), ‘Some of Us Scream Some of Us Shout’: Myths, Folklore and Epic Tales of the Anarcho, (Itchy Monkey Press) [ Buy from Active Distribution or Situation Press ]
  • 2015. ‘Crass Exeter September 1982’, in Gregory Bull and Mickey ‘Penguin’ (eds.), Not Just Bits of Paper, Perdam Babylonis Nomen Publications, pp.36-40. ISBN-10: 1505703387; ISBN-13: 9781505703382 [ Buy book from the Situation Press shop ]
  • 2014. ‘British Anarchism in the era of Thatcherism’, in Evan Smith and Matthew Worley (eds.), Against the Grain: The British Far Left from 1956 (Manchester: Manchester University Press) [ See MUP catalogue entry for details of the book ] [ See Google Books preview ]

Presentations, seminar and conference papers

  • 2020. ‘Stop the City’,  [online audio presentation], part of an event at Cox18, Milan to promote the launch of the book Attitudine riottosa. Anarcopunk in UK, with Giulio D’Errico, Nicola Del Corno and Marco Philopat, 16 July
  • 2017. ‘The Politics of Punk’, with Steve Ignorant and Ruth Elias, Punk It Up!, Rough Trade Nottingham, 15 July
  • 2015. ‘”Movements are systems, and systems kill”: the reluctant collectivity of anarcho-punk’, Youth, Politics and Identity Symposium, [The Subcultures Network – AHRC Networking Project: Subcultures, Popular Music and Social Change], University of Surrey, 31 March
  • 2013. ‘You’ll Never Beat the System by Bombing Number 10’: Perceptions of the Utility of Political Violence in Anarcho-Punk, 1977-1987, No Sir, I Won’t conference, Oxford Brookes University, 28 June
  • 2002. ‘The Politics of Punk’. Paper given at Sources of Radicalism seminar, University of Manchester, 11 May
  • 2001. ‘Yes that’s right, punk is dead: Crass and the anarcho-punk critique’. Paper given at No Future conference, University of Wolverhampton, 21 September
  • 2000. ‘The Politics of Crass and Anarcho-Punk’, presentation for Riotous Assembly meeting, Manchester, 7 March
  • 1999. ‘Anarchism and Punk Rock’, presentation for WEA course on Anarchism, Manchester, November
  • 1999. ‘Stop the City: A history’. Paper given at Riotous Assembly meeting, Manchester, 1 June

Newspaper and magazine articles


Other interviews, extracts and reprints

  • 2017. ‘Stop the City showed another possibility’: Mobilisation and movement in anarcho-punk’, in Stevphen Shukaitis (ed.), Stop the City [booklet accompanying ‘Stop the City… Revisited’, An exhibition organized as part of the “Discipline the City” series, The Substation, Singapore, 23 August–23 November], republished from Matt Worley and Mike Dines (eds.), 2016. The Aesthetic of Our Anger: Anarcho-Punk, Politics, Music – 1979-1984, Minor Compositions: Colchester / New York / Port Watson.
  • Alistair Livingston. 2014. ‘Everyone was an anarchist’, greengalloway, 10 March [includes an extract from the ‘Stop the City’ article in Freedom]
  • Erin Yanke. 2014.’Poison Girls’, Maximum RocknRoll, No 379, December [includes extracts from the ‘Stop the City’ article in Freedom]
  • Ian Glasper. 2006. ‘Metro Youth’, in The Day the Country Died, London: Cherry Red, pp.227-230.
  • Lance Hahn. 2002. ‘”There’s too much on my mind”: The Story of Metro Youth / Sanction’, Maximum RocknRoll, No 224, January [interview on band histories]
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