I’ve just sent in a joint review of George Berger’s The Story of Crass and Ian Glasper’s The Day the Country Died to the anarchist paper Freedom that I’ve been working on over the past few weeks. It’s a generally very positive appraisal of both works, which tries to identify the strength of both books; give a little bit of context; and emphasise the important addition that both titles represent to the growing alter-history of punk: a counter-history that gives anarcho-punk long overdue and more than warranted recognition.

The review does concede that the field of vision of both books is heavily circumscribed by the fact of being produced by publishers of rock and pop biography. It also offers specific criticisms of some of the contentions that Berger proposes in his treatment, especially his dismissal of Crass’ concern with autonomy and independence.

I’ll update if the review gets accepted.