One of the sources that I’m using as part of the ongoing research for the book is the original wave of anarcho-punk fanzines – which offer a pretty unique insight into the activities and culture of the movement.

Aside from the bursting boxes of fanzines in my own personal archive, one obvious place to pick up copies of anarcho-fanzines ought to be online auction sites – foremost amongst them eBay. But the predictable reality is that obscure anarcho-punk fanzine titles (which sold back in the day for 10p-25p) are now highly sought by collectors and change hands at the absurd prices which reflect depressing bidding wars, last-minute price-hike ‘sniping’, and the ethos of the stamp collector. All of which feels so antithetical, it scarcely requires comment.

The obvious alternative to individual, personal acquisition is the growth of open-access electronic collections, which serve up digitised versions of the original fanzines, or free-to-access physical print archives. As well as the work of individual bloggers and web auteurs, there are some positive developments in this respect which are hopefully the start of a more general trend. I’ll aim to post the URLs of some of the services which I’ve found of anarcho-fanzine archives (of whatever scale). I’d be more than happy to receive details of other useful sources…