I’m still picking up anarcho-fanzines and clipping collections through eBay – where they’re not insanely priced. A purchase from last week included a couple of gratis CD-Rs, one of which included some live anarcho-gigs recordings.

I was really chuffed to find that amongst those recordings was a full through-the-mixing-desk version of Crass’s set from a gig in Exeter in May 1984 – a gig that I organised. I wasn’t aware that there was a recording of this date, and was really happy to (accidentally) track down a copy.

I’ve picked up many a tape from BBP over the years. But on top of the output of DIY tape labels and distribution services, there must be *so* many personal live recordings from 1979-1984 anarcho-gigs out there – whether mixing desk run-offs or basic-as-hell condenser mike recordings from portal tape recorders. Let’s hope most people take the time to transfer them to digital before those thin strips of analog tape (now 25+ years old) stretch and snap irretrievably.