Folowing a final show in New York on 8 May 2011, the North American leg of the ‘The Last Supper’ tour has concluded, and Steve Ignorant and the band have returned to the UK. The tour begins again in June in Australia. An interesting review of the closing New York gig by Jon Reiss, which includes some thoughtful musings on the nature of the legacy of Crass and anarcho-punk, was posted on the New York Press site on 9 May. Reporting that Ignorant “played nearly every song a die-hard fan would want to hear”, Reiss also observes:

Most Crass fans, if they took any stock in what the band had to say, would not or could not pay $20 to see Crass. Many Crass releases had things like, “Do not pay more than 3 Quid For This Record,” printed across the front cover. But last night there was no such advisory. In fact, those flyers posted along the walls of Santos were not there to achieve the aesthetic immersive quality employed by Crass during the performances of their hey-day, they were there to advertise that “Merch Is Available Downstairs.”

He goes on to conclude: “As the band closed out their set with So What, Band [sic] from the Roxy and Big A, Little A I found myself shouting along with the rest of the crowd, more glad to be there than irked by the inconsistencies…”

Ignorant’s own illustrated tour diary has been updated since his return, and now extends as far as the 3 May gig in Austin. Further updates, covering the remainder of the tour, are all-but-certain to follow.

New photo sets from the tour on Flickr include those by joshsisk and worlds ending (Sonar, 7 May 2011) and Patrick – (Chicago, Illinois April 23)