Anarcho-punk poet Andy T is beginning a tour (a combination of solo gigs and joint appearances with other bands and artists) which will see him visit Holland and Germany as well as perform as venues in the UK.

Andy T tour dates - September-November 2012
Andy T tour dates – September-November 2012

Andy has just released the new CD album Life at Tether’s End (a recording accompanied by a 96-page hard back book) available from the revived All the Madmen record label.

Andy’s tour concludes to co-incide with the All the Madmen relaunch gig at the Boston Arms, Tufnell Park, London N19 5QQ on 30 November featuring The Mob, Kill Pretty, Andy T, Hagar The Womb and The Astronauts.

Of the revival of All the Madmen records, the collective say:

Thirty years ago, the life-affirming idealism of the original counter-culture encouraged the punk generation to create alternatives to apathy and despair. While young people today do not face the threat of nuclear war, their future prospects are still very bleak. The values of co-operation and mutual aid which empowered the young people who created All the Madmen are as vital now as they have ever been. To inform and inspire a new generation is therefore an essential part of our collective ambition.