The latest residency appearance by Penny Rimbaud’s Last Amendment at The Vortex jazz club in London on 16 October 2013 will feature a tribute to American novelist and poet Jack Kerouac.

Penny Rimbaud’s Last Amendment continue their a bi-monthly residency with TI JEAN, an evening devoted to Jack Kerouac who in his free-spirited Zen wanderings was seminal to the development of jazz and poetry as a fusion art form.

Eve Libertine will perform Kerouac’s phonetic masterpiece Sea, preceded by Penny Rimbaud’s tribute to Kerouac Ti Jean. With respectful sadness this piece follows Kerouac’s demise from dharma bum to blistered barfly. With Louise Elliott/sax & flute, Kate Shortt/cello, Annie Whitehead/trombone, Justina Curtis/piano and Jennifer Maidman/guitars.