Mick Duffield will attend a screening of the Christ, the Movie trilogy [Autopsy (12min) – Choosing Death (25min) – Yes Sir, I Will (45min]) during the 15th Festival of Different and Experimental Cinemas of Paris.

The film will be shown on Friday 18 October 18, at 19:00, at The Trinitarian (12 rue des Trinitarians, Metz), in the presence of director Duffield, and will be followed by a Q&A session. Admission is free.

Members of the punk band Crass paved the way for the idea that music could be combined with a social conscience. Formed in the late 1970s, and initially judged to be a group of hippies, the launch of Crass was only the most visible of the communal artistic experiments to emerge from Dial House, Essex. This artistic ‘factory’, which was open to everyone, attracted musicians, designers, filmmakers, poets and activists, and encouraged the development of a DIY punk philosophy. For Crass, the music always remained a vehicle for the communication of political ideas, and expropriation and sabotage were often their preferred means of expression. The work of Crass remains a potent example of the association that is possible between music and concrete political commitment (and, in turn, direct action), and has often been cited as an example of a moral way of working within the ‘cultural industry’. Designed to be projected during live Crass performances, Christ the Movie is, like the anarcho-punk band from which is emerged, experimental, raw, loud, political and uncompromising. The first two parts of the film consist of anti-militarist collages, set against the background of musical noise; the succeeding part Yes Sir, I Will is a single long film essay produced to accompany Crass’s album of the same name.

Mick Duffield - Christ, the Movie