The Word Is Your Oyster - 21 May 2014

Penny Rimbaud and his ‘L’Académie des Vanités’ (featuring Eve Libertine, Jennifer Maidman, Louise Elliot and Annie Whitehead) join the line-up of performers appearing at the launch event of ‘The Word Is Your Oyster‘ at The Russet Cafe, 17 Amhurst Terrace, London E8 2BT on 21 May 2014: “a new monthly night of poetry, music and storytelling where words and lyrics pave a path for creative expression.”

The Word – is your Oyster’, Performance Poetry, storytelling & live music, by Sarah P (front woman of Electric Landladies & LUND) & Ruby Thompson (Rising singer songwriter), launches its monthly night of performance poetry, storytelling & live music

Experienced performers, musicians and brave new writers come together for thoughtful performance, playful exploration and creative collaboration. Words and lyrics lead the way, whilst live music plays an integral part. The Finale of each night is an organic improvised creation between musicians performers and audience inspired by The Word of the month.

Paper & pens on tables and an Invitation to share a thought and drop it in the box. Musicians and performers create a piece using the audiences words.

Our Launch night line up is shaping up to be an exciting and eclectic mix of performers, spanning generations. We are delighted to have:

Penny Rimbaud and his ‘L’Académie des Vanités’. Penny Rimbaud is one of England’s great rebel poets. Prolific author, founding member of Crass and fearless explorer of possibilities in life and art.

Penny Rimbaud and Eve Libertine/voices Elliott/sax & flute


Resident band – an electrifying female rock/pop/poetry three-piece Sarah P (voice) Deirdre Cartwright (Guitar/loops) Ann Day (drums)

Jennifer Maidman: Brilliant guitarist/bass player/singer playing her own numbers

Ruby Thompson: Singer, songwriter, drummer and ponderer.

The night will hold other surprises, and each month will bring new talents with new words.

Lovely food available from 6.30. LAUNCH PARTY SPECIAL COCKTAILS & BEERS Buy 1 get 1 half price before 8.00.

Doors 7.30 first set 8.30. £4.00 in advance, £5 on the door.