Steve Ignorant discusses Punch and Judy

Steve Ignorant (Professor Ignorant) discusses his continuing fascination with the world of Punch and Judy in the latest issue (No. 198, September 2016) of Gonzo Weekly (available online and as a digital download, for free). Interviewer Alan Dearling explores how Ignorant “a motormouthed punk icon… swapped the Tourette’s rage of Crass for a life as a Punch and Judy Professor.” Dearling also shot a video extract of Ignorant’s presentation on the history and meaning of Punch at the Weird Weekend in Hartland, North Devon, in August 2016.

Alan Dearling. 2016. ‘Steve Ignorant’s World of Punch and Judy’. Gonzo Weekly. No. 198, September, pp. 39-45.