The Cravats DadaCravatsLaboratory Conducted Experiments in Sound 1978-1983 Volume Three

ON THEIR BANDCAMP site, The Cravats have just released the third volume of DadaCravatsLaboratory’s Conducted Experiments in Sound, 1979-1983, available to buy in digital download format.

The third and final instalment in a trilogy of exactly three, this collection of obscure, unused, unusual and unexpected material from the collective Cravats’ musical archive will only be available to buy for 24 of your Earth hours from 08:00 GMT (that’s 09:00 BST) on Friday 3 July 2020.

This last release in the series follows on from the earlier release of volume two (the second in the run) on 5 June; itself a sequel to volume one.

The Cravats’ frontman The Shend is pleased with the reception that that greeted this exercise in archival rummaging so far. “Thank you for all the love and support you’ve given,” he said on Twitter. “Yous lot are the best!”