Punks in Pubs Podcast - Steve Ignorant - December 2020

STEVE IGNORANT IS the guest on episode 69 of the ‘Punks in Pubs’ podcast, which was posted just before the Xmas break.

On his site, Ignorant says that he “had a great chat and a laugh with [host] Liam Bird”, who previews the episode as follows:

Steve’s discuss his loathing for Christmas songs as well Christmas dinner… He’s the perfect guest.

Away from Christmas, Steve reveals he was nearly in the global hit The Crown, we discuss how a punk sparked a fire inside him. We, of course, talk Crass, his time in the band as well as feeling loss once the band split, Lastly Steve talks about his wish of wanting to work with Sleaford Mods and Bobby Vylan.

All tracks are by Crass.

Big a Little A / Bloody Revolutions / Banned From The Roxy / Do They Owe Us A Living / Its The Greatest Working Class Rip-Off / Punk Is Dead

This instalment of ‘Punks in Pubs’ can be streamed from a variety of different podcasting platforms, including Apple podcasts and Open Spotify.