Poster for I Get Knocked Down a film about Chumbawamba by Sophie Robinson and Dunstan Bruce

THE MUCH ANTICIPATED new documentary on anarcho-popsters Chumbawamba will get its world premiere at the Sheffield Doc Fest next month.

Made by Sophie Robinson and Dunstan Bruce, the production of I Get Knocked Down has been part-funded by a pledge campaign and has been ia work-in-progress for several years.

Part of the Northern Focus strand of the festival, I Get Knocked Down will premiere on the evening of 6 June 2021. The film clocks-in with a run time of 87 minutes. Preceded by a five minute intro, it will be followed by a 25 minute Q&A session (panel members still to be confirmed).

I Get Knocked Down
Sheffield Doc Fest

Halo Showroom Cinema 3
Showroom Cinema, 15 Paternoster Row, Sheffield S1 2BX
Sunday 6 June 2021 20:45-22:42
Advanced tickets
: £9.00

The Sheffield Doc Fest listing for the screening of I Get Knocked Down explains:

I Get Knocked Down is the untold story of Leeds-based anarcho-pop band Chumbawamba. Founding band-member Dunstan Bruce is 59, and he is struggling with the fact that the world seems to be going to hell in a handcart. Twenty years after his fall from grace, Bruce is angry and frustrated, but how does a retired middle-aged radical get back up again? In this punk version of Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol, Dunstan is visited by the antagonistic ghost of his anarchist past – his alter ego, ‘Babyhead’ – who forces him to question his own life, sending him on a search for his long-lost anarchist mojo. Following Bruce’s personal voyage of rediscovery, redemption, and reawakening, I Get Knocked Down acts as a call to arms to those who think activism is best undertaken by someone else.

An update from the filmmakers on the the Kickstater campaign listing explains:

After 5 (or maybe 6?) years of blood, sweat and tears (okay, I know it’s just making a film but hey we can exaggerate for effect) we have finally got to the finishing line.

It’s been quite the journey and of course, it is still on-going, but just for the moment we can breathe a collective sigh of relief and celebrate the fact that we’ve got this film to completion and onto the film festival circuit. Yes, my heart is feeling the strain, yes I am using increasingly larger amounts of Revitalift to disguise the bags under my eyes but we’re also giddy with excitement about what happens next.

As we try to find increasingly imaginative ways to hang onto all the precious archive in the film we find ourselves enjoying the process and the film even more amidst all the stress and the panic.

The next stage and with the help of our festival screening is to find a distributor and broadcaster, online platform etc and of course as soon as we can get the film to those of you who pledged for a copy of it, we will.

Promo log for the documentary I Get Knocked Down