Crass - You're Already Dead - Big A Little A - 2022 - green vinyl

ONE LITTLE INDEPENDENT Records will release a limited-edition, twelve-inch coloured-vinyl Crass ‘re-issue’ in the UK and US, to celebrate Record Store Day on both sides of the Atlantic.

“The original 12-inch single for ‘Big A Little A’ was released in 1980 and featured ‘Nagasaki Nightmare’ on the B-side,” explains OLI’s post (describing the seven-inch single on which ‘Nagasaki Nightmare’ was the A-side). “Crass decided that the track ‘You’re Already Dead’ was more pertinent in today’s society and created a brand-new pressing… which includes an exclusive stencil, keeping with the original spirit of Crass,” continues the Partridge-esque promo text.

The UK release of the cominbation of the 1980 Crass B-Side and 1984 Crass A-Side wil be pressed on green vinyl in the USA and on pink vinyl in the UK.

In the UK, the record will be distributed to a number of the participating Record Stores, who will make available a second tranche of releases on Saturday 18 June that could not be accommodated in the first 2022 Record Store day back in April.

Crass - You're Already Dead - Big A Little A - 2022 - pink vinyl