During what proved to be the stunning and emotional final performance of Steve Ignorant’s ‘The Last Supper’ tour (at The Shepherd’s Bush Empire, London last night [19 November 2011]), the former lead singer of Crass was joined on stage by Crass drummer Penny Rimbaud and Crass vocalist Eve Libertine.

Ignorant and Rimbaud performed a drums-and-vocals version of Do The Owe Us a Living? (recalling the famous early version of the song included on the original Bullshit Detector compilation). Libertine and Rimbaud then peformed an extended rendition of Darling from Stations of the Crass, before the three embraced on the stage. Libertine returned later to join singer Carole Hodge for the mid-section of Shaved Women.

Libertine and Rimbaud peform Darling
Photo: John Marshall Punk Rock Pix

Libertine joins Hodge during Shaved Women
Photo: John Marshall Punk Rock Pix

Rimbaud and Hodge in the final (emotionally charged) section of the closing number – Bloody Revolutions
Photo: John Marshall Punk Rock Pix

Later in the performance, Ignorant announced that the chapter in his autobiography The Rest is Propaganda which accused Colin of Conflict of misappropriating royalties from Crass songs was based on misinformation. Ignorant publicly apologised for the error, and indicated that the offending article would be removed from future editions of the book.

Towards the end of the set, Ignorant introduced a one-off cover song – a version of The Ruts’ Shine on Me which he dedicated to those volunteers who risk their lives to save others. During the number, the band were joined on stage by members of the lifeguard crew that Ignorant volunteers with, in full gear. The number was greeted with rapturous applause.

The set concluded with a highly charged version of Bloody Revolutions, during which the emotion of the moment visibly affected Ignorant.

The evening also included a blisteringly good set from The Cravats (who opened with a sublime version of Rub Me Out) and energetic support from Paranoid Visions and Andy T. The event was recorded by a multi-camera film crew, and a future release of the concert on DVD and/or download is anticipated.