Little Annie (who performed as Annie Anxiety, and later as Annie Anxiety Bandez, in the 1980s and recorded for Crass Records, Corpus Christi and One Little Indian) has launched a funding campaign for her new album on the Pledge Music site. A wide variety of packages are available for pledging, beginning at £5 (for a digital download of the album), with the most expensive packages including dinner with Annie; an at-home live musical and poetry performance; and original Little Annie art. More than 100 pledges have already been registered, with just under 30% of the target reached so far. The pledge drive will run for a further 70 days from today.


For nearly three decades Little Annie has been a performer, a presence, a tiny bundle of incandescent wit and charisma. She’s been an art/no-wave terrorist, a ‘disco singer’ for the anarchist punk set, a dub diva/the grand duchess of On-U Sound, every-body’s favourite special guest star (a list of artists for whom she has done notable cameos would include ([Paul Wallfisch, Kid Congo Powers, Swans, Larsen, Baby Dee, Jah Wobble & Keith Levine, Marc Almond etc.]), and now a post-modern chanteuse. She has been an author, an actress, a painter, a raconteur, a bon vivant and an all around survivor… Annie remains – an ever more powerful presence.

She came of age at the perfect moment to be part of a gorgeous, gifted, tragic generation that was desperate for stimulation and reinvention.

She was one of those in the right place at the right time… – Robert Conroy New York City, 2009

And now? Annie’s ready to bring us a record inspired by determination, reinvention, the universal “school of hard knocks”, and moving into the now.

But of course, you have a part to play in this pilgrimage too.

There are a number of reasons for you to get involved in this project, from allowing Annie to bring you new material, to the myriad of rewards available to you for doing so. From downloads straight out of the vault, to much more personal and gratifying selections, your help will not only be infinitely appreciated, but you can cement your standing in a part of Annie’s history with other exclusives and opportunities

Many thanks to you for visiting this campaign – we look forward to working with you…