The re-issued vinyl versions of the classic Poison Girls 12″ 45rpm EP Hex and album Chappaquiddick Bridge (announced back in August 2014) are now available.

As the official Poison Girls site notes: “Originally released through Small Wonder/Xntrix and later pressings through Crass records, these seminal recordings are available for the first time since 1983.”

These new releases come in with a “sturdy gatefold cover” and, in the case of and album Chappaquiddick Bridge, the original accompanying flexi-disc has been updated to a new “a proper one-sided seven-inch vinyl”.

In the UK, both records are being sold and distributed through All The Madmen, Cargo UK, Rough Trade, La Vida Es Un Mus; in the Netherlands by Clearspot; in Germany by Bif Auf Messer and in France by Et Mon Cul C’est Du Tofu.

Both records can be bought from the web shop of the US record label Waterwing Records (Hex and Chappaquiddick Bridge); from the UK-based All the Madmen site (Hex and Chappaquiddick Bridge); and La Vida Es Un Mus (Hex and Chappaquiddick Bridge).

Poison Girls - Hex - 2014 re-issue