Pete Fender (Fatal Microbes, Rubella Ballet, Omega Tribe) was interviewed for the Street Voice UK site earlier this month. Reflecting on his experience in the anarcho-punk movement, he recalls:

I grew up in the counter-culture, you know. Both of my parents were anarchists, long before I came along, they were activists in the fifties and sixties. The CND march from Aldermaston and all that. My dad was a conscientious objector, he had printed some leaflets and served time in prison for disaffecting the troops in the second world war. He went to prison again when I was about six years old for refusing to fill in the Census form… I was born into protest, really. I didn’t make a conscious effort towards anarcho-punk, it happened around me and I took part. There just wasn’t any question – it felt more like a sort of family loyalty than anything else.

Fatal Microbes - Violence Grows / Beautiful Pictures