The Where’s Wally? blog, which has been granted access to papers from the Dial House archive, has digitised and posted a press release discussing the death of Wally Hope authored by Penny Rimbaud in 1985.

The document comprises cut-and-pasted extracts from his ‘Last of the Hippies’ essay (included in the 1982 A Series of Shock Slogans and Mindless Token Tantrums book), prefaced by a short introduction by Rimbaud.

Sent to media outlets within weeks of the infamous Battle of the Beanfield (an orchestrated and vicious police assault on a group of travellers en route to Stonehenge in June 1985 which put paid to that year’s festival at the site), Rimbaud suggests:

In view of the confrontational and violent manner in which this year’s festival is being treated by the authorities, I thought it may be useful background to you to know of its equally violent origins.

Penny Rimbaud - Wally Hope - press release - 1985