Crass - Action Space - gig poster

AHEAD OF THE upcoming Ignorant Tour, Steve Ignorant is asking for help in compiling Crass related photography and images that can be projected on stage as part of the visual component of the show.

In particular, Ignorant is asking for “photos of Crass or yourself and friends” and “flyers from 1977-1984”.

Writing on Facebook this morning, Ignorant says:

Not long now before The Ignorant Tour starts. The gigs will have visuals at venues that have the facilities and we’re currently working on 2 different types with the help of Steo Pain. If you have any photos of Crass or yourself and friends / flyers from 1977-1984 we would love to use them for our visuals and maybe later to accompany a book. Due to the volume of the material and the media we’re using we’re unable to credit you all personally. Hope you will share your memories with all of us via my Facebook page. Thanks. See you soon.

Poster for the Ignorant Tour 2020