Carol Hodge - A Song For You

CAROL HODGE HAS released a video to accompany new single A Song For You, featuring fans, friends and regular musical collaborators silently singing along to the track.

On The Hippies Now Wear Black, to prevent an overload of posts about new musical releases and tour dates, our focus remains on the present day work of bands, artists and organisations who were active in the original wave of anarchist and radical punk between 1976 and 1984.

Aside from her solo work and other musical collaborations, she is widely known for performing with Steve Ignorant on the Last Supper Tour and as part of Slice of Life.

But we’ve made the decision to contribute, in however small a way, to the promotion of this new single A Song For You – its impact heightened by these extraordinary and impossible times through which we’re all living – simply because it’s so completely fucking beautiful.

A Song For You is available to buy as a digital download (for £0.50) direct from Carol Hodge’s site; or through her presence on Bandcamp.