GEE VAUCHER HAS designed a T-Shirt to support the fundraising efforts of the Colchester Refugee Action group, who – like so many other campaigning groups – are struggling to raise funds during the Covid-19 lockdown.

The ‘Kindness is the only way forward…’ T-Shirt can be ordered online direct from the Colchester Refugee Action site.

Fundraising Director Kate Khan says of the new design (printed on shirts supplied through the No Sweat group:

We are very happy to announce that the wonderful artist and friend of Refugee Action – Colchester, Gee Vaucher, has designed some T-shirts exclusively for our organisation.

Carrying the words “Kindness is the only way forward”, something all of us at RA-C firmly believe in.

Our dedicated Caseworkers work tirelessly to support the most vulnerable clients and now during the Coronavirus pandemic their job is ever more challenging, while always treating clients with kindness and professionalism. Money raised from donations, fundraising events and appeals all go to support our clients and their needs, but during this time our clients’ needs have become particularly urgent and complex.

Unfortunately, the fundraising events which we planned for this year have been cancelled for the foreseeable future. In these unprecedented times we still need to support very vulnerable clients with limited funds we have. Purchasing one of our t-shirts not only makes you look fabulous, but you are helping to support a great cause and your kindness in doing so means so much.