TWO TRACKS FROM Omega Tribe’s 2020 album Out of My System have been re-released on the Bandcamp platform to raise funds for a refugee support organisation working on the Bosnian-Croatian border.

The songs ‘Peace, Love and Harmony’ and ‘Flipping Idiot’ have packaged as a release by Do It With Others Records, an anarchist DIY label from Croatia. All monies raised from this and other digital releases on the label will go to support the work of “grass roots human, animal and environmental rights organizations.”

Receipts from this new Omega Tribe release will aid the work of SOS Team Kladuša, “a self-organized group that provides help and support for refugees in Velika Kladuša in Bosnia, a small village near the Croatian-Bosnian border.”

Released on 24 January 2021, Do It With Others Records are asking for a minimum price of €2 for the two track album, but will be pleased to accept more to assist with the work of SOS Team Kladuša.