RELEASED ON OVERGROUND Records on 16 June 2022, a limited edition vinyl of Steve Ignorant and his band performing Crass songs live in Nottingham in September 2021 is available for pre-order.

Following on from the CD release of the live set in January, the 300 copy vinyl pressing will be distributed through Overground Records and Ignorant’s own web shop. The release will offer “the best Crass songs of that set… with no overdubs.”

The black vinyl comes with two inserts (one of the poster and photographs from the performance, and one of the annotated set list).

Pre-orders sold-out on the Overground site within hours of the announcement, but were (as of the evening of 3 June) still being advertised as available on Ignorant’s web store.

On Friday 24th September 2021 the Steve Ignorant Band made their debut live performance at the Old Coal Store in Nottingham. The pandemic had meant that the band couldn’t meet to perform so all rehearsals were conducted via Zoom, so the purpose of this show was to act as a live rehearsal in front of a small audience before performing to a much larger audience the following night at North East Calling in Newcastle-upon-Tyne. Other shows were planned but lockdown restrictions had resulted in these being re-arranged several times and delayed until 2022.

The show was recorded and the band were so pleased with the performance that they decided to release it.

The best songs of the set are on vinyl with no overdubs etc. comprised entirely of Crass songs from the early part of their career.

Limited to just 300, the black vinyl comes with 2 inserts (poster and photographs from the performance & setlist).

The Steve Ignorant Band are:
Steve Ignorant – Vocals
Carol Hodge – Vocals, keyboard, backing vocals
Pete Wilson – Guitar, backing vocals
Pete Rawlinson – Bass guitar, backing vocals
Jay Bagnall – Drums

Track listing:
Side A

The Gasman Cometh
Do They Owe Us A Living
End Result
Systematic Death
They’ve Got A Bomb
Punk Is Dead
Bata Motel

Side B

Poison In A Pretty Pill
So What
Big A, Little A
Banned From The Roxy

Steve Ignorant Band - Photo by Simon Balaam