A very small number of ‘original wave’ British anarcho-punk bands and artists have continued to perform (sometimes with lengthy break-periods, distracting side projects and other interruptions) pretty continuously since the late 1970s. A larger number of groups have reformed and relaunched themselves after being inactive for many years, particularly so over the last decade.

As part of a wider tendency within contemporary punk culture, the number of ‘original wave’ anarcho-punk bands returning to the fray to perform live, tour and record fresh material appears to be growing at present.

It is an extremely interesting phenomenon – and one that deserves some research attention. But it’s beyond the scope of this blog (which is focused on the ‘original wave’ itself) to track every gig, tour or CD release by ‘original wave’ anarcho-punk artists in the present.

However, as an attempt at a bit of a ‘snapshot’, I’ll be posting details of relevant gigs and tours scheduled for the spring, summer and autumn of this year. Send in details of anything that I’ve missed that I shouldn’t have.

I’d also be very interested to receive comments on what the ‘reformation’ of old-school anarcho-punk bands means, and how their reappearance should be viewed.