Situation Press is an independent publisher based in London, England. The Truth of Revolution, Brother is our first book. It’s an exploration of punk philosophy, and the culmination of 18 months spent interviewing some of the most important figures in the movement.

It all started with a Sunday lunchtime conversation. We wondered what the people behind punk might be able to teach us about how to live more fulfilling lives. We then thought we’d try to find out. With a bit of luck we could write a book about it.

Everything about The Truth of Revolution, Brother has been Do It Yourself, and when that’s proved impossible, we’ve tried to Do It Responsibly.

Funding for the book’s printing came from a successful Kickstarter campaign (with the added benefit of there being no corporate publisher telling us what not to write), and the print has been done by Calverts Cooperative based in London’s East End.

Named in honour of 17th Century ‘sedicious’ publishers Giles and Elizabeth Calvert, they’ve been plying their radical trade since 1977, and currently work for people like Tate, the British Museum and the Royal College of Art.

They’ve done a stunning job. The Truth of Revolution, Brother features an unorthodox ‘open bind’ which allows the book to lie flat when opened. The book is litho printed, with biodegradable vegetable inks on heavy stock from sustainable sources.

Inside, interviews and analysis are mixed with intimate black and white photography, original illustrations, and art from many of our interviewees.

The Truth of Revolution, Brother is an object of real beauty.

The Truth of Revolution, Brother

The Truth of Revolution, Brother is a unique exploration of the philosophy of punk, based on the ideas, beliefs and lives of the people that created the movement.

The punk explosion of the late 70s and early 80s changed the face of music, art, and fashion. But it didn’t stop there. Punks were onto something really important. They had a unique view on an alternative way of living.

The Truth of Revolution, Brother is the result of a year spent with some of punk’s most influential figures.

From legendary British anarchos Crass to US stalwarts Fugazi and Dead Kennedys; first generation figures the Adverts to contemporary carrier of the flame Jeffrey Lewis, this groundbreaking book investigates the approaches and life choices made by the people associated with this most misunderstood genre.

The result is truly life-affirming. From the fields of Essex to Iceland’s corridors of power; the West Country to Washington DC, 30 interviews gently reveal a host of strategies for living that are more meaningful now than they were back in punk’s heyday.

Unique testament is mixed with thoughtful analysis and original art to create a true punk one-off.

30 original interviews, including Jello Biafra, Penny Rimbaud, Ian MacKaye, Gee Vaucher, Steve Albini, Vi Subversa, Little Annie, Mark Stewart, Tim Smith, Steve Ignorant, Jón Gnarr, Einar Örn Benediktsson and many more

  • Original artistic contributions from interviewees
  • Yes, Sir, I Will – updated for 2014 by Penny Rimbaud
  • Beautifully illustrated throughout
  • Unique portraits of the interviewees

The Truth of Revolution, Brother is a stunning artifact. Printed by Calverts Cooperative in London’s East End on high quality heavy paper, using sustainable stock and biodegradable vegetable inks. The book features an open binding, which allows the book to lay flat when opened.