Reviews of Steve Ignorant’s The Last Supper tour appear in (Toronto, 23 April), (San Francisco, 27 April), (‘Where Have All the Political Punk Bands Gone? A Couple Thoughts From Last Night’s Q&A With Steve Ignorant of Crass’, Seattle Weekly, 27 April)

Ignorant discusses the tour (and reflects on the legacy of Crass) in The Montreal Mirror (‘Ignorance is Blitz’, Montreal Mirror, 10 March), in ( ‘Four things you should know about… Crass’,, 20 April), in The Globe and Mail (‘In 1978, the band Crass declared that punk was dead. Apparently it isn’t’, The Globe and Mail, 19 April), OC Weekly (‘Crass (Have Run Their) Course’, OC Weekly, 28 April), in LA Weekly (‘Punk Singer Steve Ignorant (Finally) Brings Crass to America: Interview’, LA Weekly, 28 April), and on (‘White Punk on Hope: An Interview with Crass’s Steve Ignorant’,, 26 April).

Ignorant is also posting an illustrated diary of the Canadian and US dates on his Southern blog.