As part of the ongoing experiment in tracking live appearances by original wave anarcho-punk bands kicked-off on this blog back in May –

Conflict play live at the Resist to Exist festival, 1-3 August 2014, being held in Berlin, Germany (Conflict play on 1 August), and then at the Pod Parou festival, 31 July-2 August 2014,at Moravská Trebová, in the Czech Republic (Conflict play 2 August, ahead of The Buzzcocks and Cock Sparrer).

Back in the UK, Conflict appear at the North East Calling all-dayer, 30 August 2014, in Newcastle. Conflict will also play at the Icons of Filth (10 Year Commemoration), Cardiff, which has now been extended to a two-day event, on 14-15 November (after tickets for the 15 November date sold-out).

North East Calling - 2014
North East Calling – 2014