Poster for Trespass 2 - 17 September 2016

Trespass #2
Saturday 17 September 2016, 19:00–21:30
Secret location, Waterloo, London (details to be released on the day)

Down by the river something is stirring. Colourful people with mohawks and dreadlocks gather. Music can be heard in the distance and it’s getting louder, the sound of blistering punk rock; you can just make out one word…. Trespass!!

Punk Ethics & DSI Studios take back the beach of the River Thames, bringing London’s punk scene together to shout against gentrification in the capital, the corporate take over of public space, and a system that is destroying our city.

This is more than just gig this is a punk rock protest!

Line up:

London’s anarcho punk legends make a long awaited return

The Restarts
London’s finest street punks

London’s new generation of punks

+ a couple of very special guests including Garden Bridge protesters Thames Central Open Spaces giving an update on the campaign.

This gig is free to everyone. The space is free to everyone. Let’s keep it that way.

Bring food, drink and a positive attitude.

The story of ‘Trespass: Punk on the Thames’ 26 September 2015

Conflict - punk on the Thames - Trespass #2

UPDATE, 18 September 2016: Guy Smallman’s photos from the event are available for preview on his site.

Thumbnails of pictures from the Trespass #2 event 2016